Save lives – build the future!

The Charity Fund ‘United Ukrainians’ supports the army and provides humanitarian aid. We buy ammunition, equipment, cars, clothes and form humanitarian aid kits for civilians.

Now you can also join in raising funds for the army and providing humanitarian aid to the people who have suffered the most from Russian aggression. This is your contribution to the common victory of Ukraine!


Who are we?

„United Ukrainians“ ist ein gemeinnütziger Fonds für umfassende, operative, qualifizierte und gezielte Unterstützung für die Ukraine im Kampf um eine unabhängige und freie Zukunft.
Unsere Mission ist es, Ukrainer, ausländische Partner, Wirtschaft, staatliche Strukturen und Privatpersonen aus Gründen eines einzigen Ziels – unserer Zukunft – zu vereinen. Eine, die wir für uns selbst auswählen und bauen werden! Denn die Einheit des Volkes ist die Stärke des Staates!

Unsere Werte sind vor allem Menschen. Talentiert, mutig, einfallsreich, mutig und unglaublich stark. Wir sind Ukrainer. Jeder von uns muss Teil eines einzigen, perfekt aufeinander abgestimmten Mechanismus werden, der ständig funktioniert, hilft und wiederherstellt. Er wählt die Freiheit nicht nur für sein Land, sondern für die gesamte zivilisierte Welt. Das ist Vertrauen, Entschlossenheit, Mut zu Ideen und natürlich Respekt. Schließlich bist du heute mehr denn je dein Nächster.


Transferred to the needs of the army and civilians

Transferred bulletproof vests


Form kits


Humanitarian boxes



Severion Dangadze

Founder of the United Ukrainians Charitable Foundation

Business expert and public figure with successful experience in managing thousands of employees. Severion was born in Donbass. When Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, he virtually lost all his business in eastern Ukraine and was forced to start from scratch in Kyiv.

With the start of the full-scale war on February 24, 2022, Severion became a volunteer of Territorial Defense Forces in Kyiv and provided his unit with everything necessary – ammunition, clothing, thermal imagers etc.

Now Severion has scaled up its activities and is accumulating aid within the Charity Fund ‘United Ukrainians’:

„I think there is a time to make money, and there is a time when you have to gather everything and try to return to the State what it once gave you. Today it is my life. Today I live via the spirit of this fund“.


Certificate of state registration


Thanks to the Ukrainians for United Foundation for supporting an active, active civil position, promoting the state’s defense capabilities, repelling the armed aggression of the Russian Federation and cooperating with military unit A7275, 109 separate battalions of territorial defense. We believe that patriotism and faith in an independent Ukraine will help to overcome all obstacles and win! Glory to Ukraine!

109th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade

The United Ukrainians Foundation is awarded for its support, active public position, assistance to the state’s defense capabilities, repulse of armed aggression by the Russian Federation, and cooperation with 54th separate mechanized brigade named after Hetman Ivan Mazepa.

We believe that patriotism and faith in an independent Ukraine will help to overcome all obstacles and win.

Glory to Ukraine!

The head of military unit A0693 is Colonel O. Maistrenko

We thank Severion Dangadze and the Charity Fund ‘United Ukrainians’ for providing bulletproof vests.

Commander of the volunteer formation of the Zaporizhia Territorial Defense Forces №3 Ruzhyn Y.M.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to you for your help and support of Bucha district of Kyiv region. Thanks to your help, which is a tangible support of our district in such a difficult time associated with the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, citizens were able to receive vital goods.

Mykola Lyashenko, Head of the Bucha District Military Administration



Who do we help?

We cooperate with the command of units of military units and formations.

We agree on the provision of humanitarian aid with local authorities, hospital management or form a comprehensive cargo in accordance with the applications.

Who do we NOT help?

We do not send financial aid.
We do not process requests for humanitarian or military assistance from social media or messenger comments. Learn how to create a query correctly below.

What is the priority of assistance?

We help the army according to our priorities and capabilities. First of all, military performing combat missions in hotspots receive assistance.
If we are currently able to fulfill your request in full or in part, we will contact you. Resources and supplies now are unstable.

Humanitarian aid is sorted and packed in warehouses and delivered to the region/institution, etc. We do not send single parcels for assistance.

How to apply for humanitarian aid?

Requests for assistance can be made by filling out the form at the link (hyperlink to the questionnaire)

How to support the fund financially?

You can support the fund financially via donation on bank account, through crypto-wallets, Paypal. Payments from abroad can be sent via SWIFT (dollars, euros).

All information and details here (hyperlink to the donut page).

Where to transfer help?

We accept both humanitarian and military assistance.
Specific units of assistance can be transferred to a warehouse in Kyiv at vul. Vasylkivska, 16.

To do this, call the phone number in advance or write to the e-mail to agree on the time and preparation of the delivery:

+38 096 487 07 07

[email protected]