Restoration of housing and communal infrastructure


Restoration of
Housing and Communal
Project Manager

Dmytro Telezhinsky

While hostilities are continuing, it is difficult to calculate the total amount of damage caused by the Russian Federation to Ukraine. At the same time, we understand that infrastructure, housing and business need to be rebuilt in the occupied territories. Then life will start over in the towns bled by Russia. 


We implemented a pilot project to renovate the physical therapy office in the resource-inclusive center in Borodyanka. It was a good start to understand the infrastructure recovery processes.

Our plans are to build housing for internally displaced people from the occupied territories and people who have lost their own homes.

To help the project, you can transfer funds to the fund’s accounts


Help ukrainian army


As of February 23, 2022, the Territorial Defence Forces units were at the start of the formation, and there were no supply problems in the army. They began on February 24, because it was impossible to equip about a million recruits  simultaneously. Moreover, given the active hostilities, there should be a reserve of stuff.  The daily cost of armaments and equipment is estimated at millions of dollars.


We believe that volunteers and foundations can and should meet some of the military needs that do not require licensing. The state will buy an additional Bayraktar, and we will provide a thousand fighters with qualitative bulletproof vests.

Everyday we receive dozens of inquiries for help and, among other stuff, fighters often need:


  • Unmanned aerial vehicle, drones, night vision devices;
  • Walkie-talkies, satellite phones and other means of communication;
  • Turnstiles, hemostatic and high-quality military first aid kits;
  • Body armor, helmets, molle magazine pouches, etc;
  • Summer / winter uniform.

    Your donation can help to provide army with necessary military aid.


Bank account

Account details №UA483226690000026007300086816 (UAH)

EDRPOU code: 44717718


Bank: Branch #10026/0198 Main Department in Kyiv and the Kyiv Joint-Stock Company State Savings Bank of Ukraine

MFI bank: 322669

Purpose of payment ‘Charitable donation’


You can also send all the necessary things to the address – Kyiv, st. Vasylkivska, 16.

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian aid

Project manager

Vadym Slobodyan

Civilians are continuing to suffer from the consequences of Russian aggression. People are losing their homes and all means of subsistence, so we decided to expand the directions of our assistance.

Our foundation provides humanitarian aid in several areas:


  • We help people in the de-occupied territories and displaced persons in difficult situations;
  • We provide hospitals with the necessary medicines and personal hygiene products.
  • We provide shelters for animals with food supplies and medicines.


We collect all humanitarian aid in the fund’s storages, where we sort it for further sending to the addresses.


If you want to assist in collecting humanitarian aid, you can send the necessary stuff to the address – Kyiv, st. Vasylkivska, 16; or donate to the fund’s accounts.


Legal aid

Legal aid

Project Manager

Pavlo Bogomazov

Lawyers and attorneys of the Charity Fund ‘United Ukrainians’ together with the Charity Fund for Legal Support of  Russian Aggression Victims provide legal assistance to Ukrainians, whose property was destroyed or damaged as a result of armed aggression by Russian troops:

  • We appeal to local authorities, the fire service, the police to gather evidence of crimes committed by the Russian combatants;
  • We assist in collecting photo and video evidence of the destruction of housing, vehicles and other equipment;
  • We advise victims on a question of assessing the caused damage and on going to court against the Russian Federation to recover monetary compensation for the damage.