As of February 23, 2022, the Territorial Defence Forces units were at the start of the formation, and there were no supply problems in the army. They began on February 24, because it was impossible to equip about a million recruits  simultaneously. Moreover, given the active hostilities, there should be a reserve of stuff.  The daily cost of armaments and equipment is estimated at millions of dollars.


We believe that volunteers and foundations can and should meet some of the military needs that do not require licensing. The state will buy an additional Bayraktar, and we will provide a thousand fighters with qualitative bulletproof vests.

Everyday we receive dozens of inquiries for help and, among other stuff, fighters often need:


  • Unmanned aerial vehicle, drones, night vision devices;
  • Walkie-talkies, satellite phones and other means of communication;
  • Turnstiles, hemostatic and high-quality military first aid kits;
  • Body armor, helmets, molle magazine pouches, etc;
  • Summer / winter uniform.

    Your donation can help to provide army with necessary military aid.


Bank account

Account details №UA483226690000026007300086816 (UAH)

EDRPOU code: 44717718


Bank: Branch #10026/0198 Main Department in Kyiv and the Kyiv Joint-Stock Company State Savings Bank of Ukraine

MFI bank: 322669

Purpose of payment ‘Charitable donation’


You can also send all the necessary things to the address – Kyiv, st. Vasylkivska, 16.